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Hello, we would like to welcome Tele-Driving to the world to achieve visionary driverless benefits without adverse human-less consequences. With U.S. national averages in 2016 of around 100 traffic deaths each and every day, we concur with characterizations that our present driving system is problematically endemic and requires extensive remedial treatment.


Until omniscient AI becomes available, our prognosis is to keep motivated humans in the loop of driving but to utilize rapidly growing tele-communications and control networks to locate responsibility with remote professional drivers.


The majority of present day local drivers, in spite of direct presence and control, are driving by definition as a means to other ends (to get someplace else and to do something else) and hence are inherently demotivated (drowsy, drunk, distracted) from the start. We predict that properly incentivized and supported remote human operators will flexibly overcome and adapt well to additional challenges of mediated vehicle control.


Lastly, our vision foresees comparatively diminutive costs/barriers to practically implement tele-driving systems compared to other recent paradigm revolutions (i.e., ride-hailing/sharing and autonomous driving) that share similar benefit aims.

at your service,

-Christopher D. D. Cabrall (co-founder)