Remote Control Driving

A revolutionary transportation concept to capture new emerging markets

> beyond ride-hailing or car-sharing

> beyond autonomous driving

> beyond assisted/automated driving

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Although both humans and software remain imperfect today and probably for a long while into the future, ...


a bug in a line of software code can propagate and travel much faster and further than human error.

Technology Timelines

Why isn't ride share and ride hailing more common, more convenient, less costly?

When can we build and/or accept robust AI driving safety, flexibility and responsibility?  

The Human Factor

humans < computers < humans (+ computers)

The science and art of Human Factors Engineering is not to simply treat humans as problems that need to be resolved.

Money Saved and Earned

SONAR, RADAR, LIDAR, computer vision, data fusion, etc., pose significant investment risks. Human perception and brains have a 7 million year head start.

Tele-driving can put you (back) to work! Instead of driving technology displacing professional drivers (truckers, taxis, etc.) it can also solidify expertise, as well lower entry barriers for new-comers.

Drive from home/office.

By providing professional drivers the opportunity to earn their income from a safer, cleaner, and more convenient work environment, an entire industry can be ergonomically upgraded in terms of occupational health and worker satisfaction. 

Ethics: Legal and

Social Issues

Human drivers do not require direct programming in terms of "universal"
right and wrong.

(e.g., AI and "the trolley problem")

Our society already has extensive cultural, legal, and insurance frameworks in place regarding interpretation of human guidance, authority and responsibility.