On November 30, 2017, there were 66,900 YouTube search results for the phrase "why i stopped driving for uber and lyft"

As a remote tele-driver, you:

  • don't suffer common issues with locally hosting "bad" passengers in
    your personal car and your personal space

    • slamming of the door/trunk

    • excessive partying, intoxication, inebriation, etc.

      • uncontrollable/reckless behavior

      • vomit

      • urination

    • touching the driver

    • different radio preferences/culture:  music, religion, politics, etc.

    • different standards of personal hygiene and odors

    • wait times, not ready for pick up

  • don't pay for gas

  • don't put extra miles on your car

  • don't waste your time and money heading to/from or waiting on passengers

  • don't need to clean your car before and after "guests"

  • don't have the vulnerability of sharing your car and your physical space with a complete stranger

  • don't have to be restricted to drive those nearby you or in your timezone




As a remote tele-driver, you:

  • can have company of co-worker remote drivers in a call center with you

  • can take more stretch breaks with greater flexibility and comfort

  • can have office "refueling" perks: coffee machine, fridge, microwave, etc.

  • can have rating judgments based on only your driving performance,
    not your vehicle, not the way you look, etc.

  • can virtually switch more instantly and seamlessly between customers

  • can drive someone late at night, in the middle of your day 

Why is Tele-Driving right for you as a driver?