Ride Share/Hail Market Capture

Proportion of Ride Share Market Penetration

Didi Chuxing (China), the largest and most dominant ride-sharing community in the world, has been reported to have completed 200 million rides in the month of December 2015 and 1.43 billion rides in the year of 2015.

Comparatively Uber Technolgies (USA), reportedly had around 1 billion rides across 6 years (2009 to 2015) by December 2015 or about 166 million per year, so about 11.7% of Didi.


One more comparison (shown above) depicts how such numbers stack up to 411 billion, which is the estimated number of driving trips reported per year in the USA, ... over 15 years ago in 2001.  


Regarding recent ride-sharing/hailing market penetration across the wider available driving market space, it appears the answer in 2015 was not 1 percent, nor half of a percent, but only instead reflected three tenths of 1 percent as in 0.35 % of a total drawn in the USA a decade and a half ago.

Autonomous cars?

Waymo's fleet of autonomous cars (e.g., "the Google car") recently reportedly drove around a rate of 1.7 million miles per year (1 million miles in 7 months up to May 2017). USA drivers totaled an annual rate of around 3.22 trillion miles (2016). 1.7 million divided by 3.22 trillion is about 0.000053 % as in the 100,000ths of 1 percent. Comparatively the line in the pie chart above is roughly about 65,902 times thicker than that percentage value.